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Jenny Dawn Cellars

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Jenny Dawn Cellars is an urban winery located in the heart of Wichita, KS. Their award-winning wines have become a staple in Kansas and Nebraska and they aim to grow their sales beyond the Midwest region. While customers can order their wines online or find them in a local store, they can also visit the winery for drinks, food, and special wine-focused events.

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Full Website Creation

Jenny Dawn Cellars is located in an urban space in the heart of downtown Wichita. While they have a tasting room and offer food on-site, they didn’t want their website to just focus on their physical location. Instead, they want to increase the sale of their wine virtually and in partners’ locations throughout the Midwest. They also wanted to get a website that better reflected their brand but be easy for their team to keep updated as things change in the winery.

How We Tackled It

We knew that to increase online sales of wine, we would have to restructure the website and take focus off of their location and increase it on the wine itself. That meant creating new pages, updating the menu, and making the wine the forefront of the focus throughout the site.

Their physical location is still important, so we created an easy-to-reuse content block that highlights their address and hours and creating a landing page specifically for browsers to Plan Their Visits. We also separated out their Table Reservations and special events to make it far easier for their customers and staff to handle the different types of reservations. We also created a design that better reflected their physical location.

One of the biggest things we did was to make the admin side incredibly easy for them to keep updated and provided in-person training for their marketing team. This allows them to update videos, their menu, add events, and manage table reservations and more far easier than they could with their previous Wix website.