Tier 1 WordPress Hosting & Support - Captain Coder

Tier 1 WordPress Hosting & Support

Support Package Includes

  • Secure Hosting with Consistent Uptime
  • 30 Minutes Support Time/Month
  • Monthly WordPress Security Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Security Updates
  • Monthly Malware Scan
  • Monthly Full-Site Backup
  • Backup Site Restore at Hourly Rate

Monthly hosting options and security checkpoints to give you peace of mind that includes time each month to make changes to the website for you. Plus, what takes an hour for you to find and ensure you do correctly, may only take me five minutes. After all, you’re the expert at what you do; let me take care of you with my expertise. You can use your support time to make changes, have me load blogs and ensure they’re SEO-ready, or swap out pictures when you hire new staff.

And bonus! I can provide support for any WordPress website, not just the ones I built.

Prices are per month and due on the first of the month or otherwise selected billing date.

* Development time cannot be used to add advanced features, i.e. eCommerce solutions
** Up to 2 hours of development time can be rolled into your next month.