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Amy Porterfield is the unparalleled leader in helping business owners grow and scale their businesses online - specifically with digital courses and powerful email lists. Her podcast has nearly 50 million downloads and counting and her first book "Two Weeks Notice" just hit the New York Times Bestseller list.

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Website Refresh for a Book Launch

Amy’s first book, Two Weeks Notice, was launching in February 2023 and while we weren’t ready to overhaul her entire site, we knew that we wanted to make some changes. The main pages of her website hadn’t been updated in years and needed to be modernized to reflect her changing brand, digital trends, and give a fresh, unique look that matched up with her book’s branding.

How We Tackled It

Amy has a great team of content specialists and designers, so this project fell to the Captain Coder team to bring to life. We had to work within her current WordPress website but work to overhaul the main identified pages and give it the fresh look her team had come up with.

I also knew that the code behind the scenes was slower, not written with the best on-page SEO in mind, nor did it follow accessibility best practices.

Our team worked to streamline the code to make the pages load faster and follow the proper structure to get Amy’s website better found by Google.

Plus, everything we did helped to improve her overall accessibility and inclusivity.

What Her Team Says

Marisa spoke our “language” from our first conversation. We knew she was going to be a perfect fit for our team. She cares about our needs first and is always looking for the best way to make our needs met. I would highly recommend Marisa and her team for development needs!

Kelsey Baird, Amy Porterfield, Inc.

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