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Rebel Boxing Club

Full Website, Videography

Rebel Boxing Club is a new fitness concept on the west side of Wichita. The core of their business being no-contact, high intensity group fitness boxing classes, but they also offer personal weights and boxing training, kids classes, self defense special classes, and more. Rebel needed an online presence to help grow their business, capture local leads, and introduce their unique concept.

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Full Website Creation

With being a boxing fitness class, Rebel knew that they had to show what their classes were like in a friendly, approachable way. Their biggest goal with their website was to remove the intimidation factor and help prospective clients understand how classes worked, when they were, and to see how they’ve helped others.

How We Tackled It

Knowing that showing is better than telling, we chose to make a video header the main feature on the homepage. Shot during multiple classes with different instructors, and even showcasing personal training and special events, the video we created helped to show the variety that Rebel offers in their classes. It also helps to showcase how class works (no one hits you, you just hit a bag!) right up front before a browser even needs to scroll.

We created a multi-page website to provide easy access to their class schedule, personal training options, their brand story, and their location and contact information.

In the first 10 days of their website launch, they were able to garner $4200 in membership sales from the leads that came from their website. Months later, they still average 3-4 contact form submissions a week from the website.

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What Rebel Says

When I first knew that I needed a website I was scared to death because I had no clue where to start. Marisa was very helpful in walking me through everything and doing it all for me, working with me to get the information to put it together correctly. I have had tons of compliments on my website and people asking how they could get one just like it.

Nichole Seiler, Rebel Boxing Club

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