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Mairin is an attorney who wants to transform the legal business. She helps her customers protect their online businesses through premium contract templates, one to one services, and easy to use DIY courses. Her entire platform is built on helping entrepreneurs protect their businesses without having to resort to the typical law process.

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Full Website Creation

Solivagant Legal had a website they could barely use, that was hard to navigate through, and did not communicate who she and her business was. Mairin has been in business for about a year and had a great idea of who her target market is and what they need. She just needed her website to match that knowledge and showcase how much she cares about her clients. And make it a much easier process for them to order her digital products.

How We Tackled It

This project was a little different, because Mairin wanted to write the bulk of her own copy and had a very specific visual design in mind. In the first stages of the process, we worked closely with her to get the copy just right and bring the visuals she had to life.

Creating a multi-page, eCommerce website, with a custom theme was the best option for Solivagant Legal. It allowed us to completely customize her vision, clean up the purchase process, and build her website to be flexible for future growth – including moving her online courses into the website itself in 2022.

We used a custom WooCommerce set-up to be able to provide a simple, clean, easy user experience for online sales. Because Solivagant Legal says templates, it helped us to protect her file downloads and improve deliverability to purchasers.

What Mairin Says

Working with Marisa has been fantastic. I had an extremely detailed vision for my website, and like some sort of wizard, she delivered the vision to a “t.” But beyond her technical prowess, what is so amazing about working with Marisa is how much she truly cares about her clients and their businesses. She takes the time to get to know her clients, their business goals, and their pain points, and as a digital marketing expert, she works to deliver not just a functional website, but a website that is going to convert and deliver the best customer experience. I knew when I hired Marisa it would be a long term partnership. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Mairin Van Shura, Solivagant Legal

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