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Third Age Mojo

Full Website, On-Going Content Creation

Third Age Mojo is a new online community geared towards those 60 and above. Cat’s goal with her community is to help people thrive in their third age and rediscover their mojo. Each week, Third Age Mojo releases new articles on a variety of topics to help her community thrive.

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Full Website Creation

While Cat maintains an active Facebook group, she needed a “home” for her community to live and a way to build a place she had more control over and could advertise to.

Cat came to us with a wonderful vision and structure already created but needed help to really bring it to life.

How We Tackled the Project

The Website

We started with a few articles that we knew we would want to launch the website with and an idea of how we wanted to organize the articles and the content.

Creating the site using Elementor Pro, we made the design clean and intuitive to highlight the articles and drive readership into the site. The home page also includes a lead capture to help grow the Third Age Mojo email list.

The On-Going Content

The long-term goal of the site is to welcome other contributors to the content, but we knew that we wanted to have high-quality articles published each week. I created the first few articles to be published in Cat’s unique style that she loved so much that I now continuously ghost write the weekly and monthly features for Third Age Mojo under her topic direction.

What Cat Says

I am so fortunate to have found Marisa, aka Captain Coder! Not only does she have mad designer/developer skills, but she also understands and applies rich aesthetics to your site. She and I talked about what I wanted from the site, and she listened. Marisa is writing content and FB marketing for me as well. I am so happy to have found Marisa! You will be too.

Cat Stone, Third Age Mojo

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