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Do This One Thing to Get Booked with Discovery Calls

Marisa VanSkiver / May 24, 2022

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Fill your calendar with discovery calls and you can potentially explode your online business. It’s the best way to introduce someone to your business, build a relationship with your leads, and make sure you’re the right fit to help them.

And yet your calendar stays pretty empty.

How do you turn that around?

You can book more discovery sessions by implementing just one simple thing into your business.

High Ticket Offers Require Discovery Calls

If your online service business runs on high ticket offers, then I have bad news for you introverts.

Every once in a while, you have to get on the phone to sell.

The best way to do this is with a laid back discovery call. Personally, I make all of my discovery calls be videos because it helps me to connect better with my customers. You can also run a discovery call through an actual phone call (did you know your iPhone made calls, too???).

Whichever way works best for you, the key here is to fill your calendar with discovery calls so that you can keep your sales pipeline flowing.

How Many Discovery Calls Can You Convert?

You have to ask yourself how many of these discovery calls can I convert now?

If you’ve not started your business, or you’re kind of trying to get your sales pipeline away from the referral only, and you’re just new to this entire process, it’s totally OK. Just take a stab at a goal and a guesstimate.

Let’s say that you know that you need to bring in at least two high ticket clients a month into your business. Well, then you might wanna make sure or aim for 10 discovery calls in your business every month.

If you already know your conversion rates – if you know how many people that you convert once you get them on the phone – then you can adjust this number.

You just have to ask yourself

  1. How many of these people do I realistically convert once I get them on the phone with me?
  2. How many do I need to bring in every month to hit my sales goals?

It sounds more complicated than it is, but all we’re doing with this is saying, “I know that I need to have three discovery calls a week.” That’s it. I just need to have three discovery calls a week, or I need to have 10 a month in order to hit my goal if I stay on track.

Make Booking a Discovery Call Super Easy

A lot of this is down to making it as simple and easy as possible for your clients.

I know that sounds crazy, but let’s think about this scenario.

The perfect lead has signed up for an offer or they’ve sent you an email, they fill out the contact form on your website, or however you get leads currently. You need to get them on the phone. What ends up happening in a lot of our businesses, especially when we’re a solopreneur or we’re doing most of the sales, is we do the calendar dance.

You know the one.

You send a time, “Hey, could you do 2:30 PM on Wednesday CST or 11:00 AM on Thursday CST.”

And then they answer back and they go, “Oh no, I can’t make that work. What about these times?”

And you go back and forth and it’s maddening and it can take multiple emails to find a time that works.

Use a Scheduling Tool Instead

Get rid of that all together and make it easier and put the control in your leads’ hands. by using a very simple calendar scheduling app.

Whether you use one in your CRM like Honeybook or you use Calendly, Acuity, or many other options, a scheduling app automatically syncs with your master calendar and makes scheduling with you a breeze.

Control Your Calendar Availability

Are you at all a control freak about your time like I am? The great thing about these apps is that they allow you to set your availability automatically.

If you only want to take calls on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, you can set it up so that you only are available to book for discovery call at those times. If you only want to take calls in the mornings, if you never want to take a call on a Friday, all of those things can be set up in your app.

Here’s the big kicker for me. I don’t like not having enough notice for when I’m going to have a call. As an introvert, I need to mentally prepare. So I have my system set up that you can’t book a call with me unless it’s at least 24 to 48 hours ahead. You can’t load up my calendar Wednesday morning and book a call with me for Wednesday afternoon.

That set up allows me to stay happy even when I’m taking more calls than I might naturally be OK with.  You just have to take a few minutes and adjust your calendar availability settings to work for you and your workflow.

Make it Easy for Your Leads

Scheduling tools are fantastic because they give you the quick ability to book more discovery calls and make it one hundred percent easier. Not only for you, but for your potential client, too.

You’re going to get more conversions when your lead can control the process.

Fill Your Calendar by Sharing Your Link Everywhere

How do you actually get people to get to that page, fill out and book a call with you?

It’s very simple. You add that link everywhere you can.

Add it to the footer of your website, to your link in bio or social media links page and make it one of the top one or two things. Share it as the CTA at the end of a social media post on Facebook or LinkedIn. Put the link in your Instagram stories. Add it at the bottom of your blog posts or in your podcast descriptions.

Again, filling your calendar with discovery calls is all about making it quick, easy, and painless for the people that want to work with you TO work with you.

Running Profitable Discovery Calls

You don’t want to waste your time on discovery calls either. You want calls yes, but they need to be beneficial for you. How do you ensure that these are profitable uses of your time?

Keep them short and to the point!

Mine are 20 minutes. I feel like that allows us a bit of light chit chat and banter at the front, but ensures I move in and dig into the reason for the call.

Remember – in the discovery call, you’re not trying to sell anything (yet). Instead, your main focus is determining whether or not you are the right fit to help this lead with their problems.

Use a framework for all of your discovery calls and focus on asking them a few questions and then sit back and let them do the talking.

You should be active listening and not doing the talking. Take lots of notes and look for those pain points that you know you can solve. When you get back on the sales call, you can literally repeat their own words back to them and it builds immediate trust; because you really listened!

Want 4 More Ways to Fill Your Calendar with Discovery Calls?

Having an automated solution for filling your calendar with discovery calls will do a lot to increase your leads, but there’s more that you need to do.

You have to bring people into your sphere, connect with you, and want to jump on those calls.

What can you do?

Below you can sign up for my free video walkthrough and downloadable PDF guide that teaches you five ways to book more discovery calls.

These five ways will get more people into your orbit. They will drive them to actually book a call with you. In 20 minutes, you’ll learn multiple ways that to change up your marketing to get more people in your sales funnel and on discovery calls.


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