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The Easiest Way to Get Media Coverage for Your Small Business

Marisa VanSkiver / April 18, 2023

Cahill Camden CEO of Press Jockey

Have you ever visited a competitor’s website or another business in your industry and noticed that they have media mentions from prestigious organizations such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Mashable? You’ve probably sat there and wondered – how did they do that? And how can I get media coverage like that?

Press mentions and media coverage can greatly impact your business’s long-term success, but you may be unsure about the necessary steps to take. Or it can feel like you just have to know the right people and you’re so not in those circles.

Get Press with 90% Less Effort Using AI

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Cahill Camden, the CEO of Press Jockey. He’s not only gonna talk to us about the things that you need to know (and be prepared for) if you want to go out and get media and press for your small business but talk to us about a really cool new tool available to you.

The best part?

It makes getting press coverage easy for anyone. No stellar media contacts are required.

Throughout this episode, we cover:

[4:43] Who press is really for and why it’s important for your business

[9:09] What’s really limiting your press coverage

[12:01] How you can connect with journalists looking for your expertise

[15:32] How to pitch yourself

[24:27] How Press Jockey works and how to use it

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