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How I’m Reinvigorating My Business Part 2

Marisa VanSkiver / August 9, 2022

fraser colorado

Welcome to part two of how I’m reinvigorating my business or how I did it, because obviously that was a couple weeks ago.

If you’ve noticed, you know that there wasn’t an episode last week. Full disclosure. I fully intended to record this episode last week and it came time to record it and really talk things out, I wanted just a bit more time.

Here’s what I learned over my week in Colorado and taking time away and re-centering, which sounds really woo woo (and I’m not all that woo, woo) – nothing is gonna burn down. No one will die and it’s okay for me to take some time.

So if you have been waiting with baited breath for the last two weeks to hear how this all went, I’m gonna break it down for you in today’s episode.

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