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How to Grow Your Business with the Right Systems

Marisa VanSkiver / June 21, 2022

erin taylor of lunimae strategies sitting with a laptop on her lap

Has your business stagnated? Do you feel like you’ve gotten to a certain point where you just don’t know how to grow your business?

You probably have great ideas for your business, but without the right systems in place, they remain just ideas.

If you want to start scaling your business without the overwhelm, let me introduce you to my own secret weapon – Erin Taylor of Lunimae Strategies.

Bring a Positive Perspective to Workload Processes

Lunimae is built to specifically help other web designers and developers like myself. As an Online Business Manager (OBM), Erin knows that we developers are really good at what we do, but we don’t love to do the things on the backend that make a business run.

That’s where she comes in. Just like my own passion is in development, design, and strategy, hers is in helping to decrease the overwhelm of running a successful online business. Erin helps her clients to elevate their systems and processes. Streamlined processes improve the client experience, take stress off the business owner, and give you a path to success for those big visionary ideas.

How Systems Help Your Business Grow

In this episode of the podcast, Erin and I got deep into systems, process, and how they help your business grow.

She’ll teach you exactly why you need to examine your own processes. Erin will also show you how you can start to get relief from the overwhelm of your business.

Throughout the episode we discuss:

  • 03:37 – Why you need processes in your business
  • 06:05 – What happens when you don’t have the right processes
  • 06:50 – Systems help your employees/contractors
  • 13:09 – Creating processes to support your boundaries and decrease overwhelm
  • 20:50 – Getting immediate relief in your business

Listen to the episode above and tell me in the comments below – which system will you be implementing in your business to help yourself now?

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