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How to Market Like a Human in a World of AI

Marisa VanSkiver / July 18, 2023

Rachel Bolt Blue Copywriting

What marketing forgets a lot of the time is that you’re talking to another human being. Every Instagram Reel, every TikTok video, every blog post has a person on the other side of the screen. The entire point of marketing and creating content is to show who you are as an authentic individual and business.

If you can’t do that, no one can connect with you.

AI Can Create a Disconnect

The great thing about AI and products like ChatGPT is that they can make our lives easier, giving us more time to connect with our audience.

The problem? It can actually prevent us from forming those connections up front.

In today’s episode, Rachel Allen of Bolt From the Blue Copywriting joins me to talk about how we can use ChatGPT effectively but still maintain that important human connection with our audience.

We’ll dive into:
[3:40]: The AI “Apocalypse”
[6:19]: How ChatGPT works
[7:49]: What ChatGPT is great for
[14:08]: The problems you need to keep in mind
[22:21]: Human focused marketing
[29:34]: Safety concerns with ChatGPT

Listen to this conversation and you’ll walk away with how to use ChatGPT effectively while not creating a disconnect with your audience in the long-run.

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