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Running a Purpose-Driven Business with Julia Taylor

Marisa VanSkiver / October 3, 2023

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Do you want your business to make an impact in the world?

Many of us create a business because we were good at something or we had a unique way of doing things. But often we don’t want to just build a business. We want to help others with our expertise and leave a lasting mark.

If your business has a mission behind what you do, then you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Empowering Women to Change Their Lives

Julia Taylor, founder of GeekPack, took her self-taught love of coding and created a business that works to get more non-traditional people into tech.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Julia and I dive into what it means to create a mission-focused company. From starting GeekPack and understanding her bigger purpose, to how she builds a profitable business and keeps her team on board with their overall calling.

Plus, she talks through how their mission keeps them going through the tougher days, the power of community, and how she personally stays on top of everything as an entrepreneur and leader.

We’ll Dive Into:

[02:19]: Julia’s original career trajectory
[05:39]: Her journey into tech and entrepreneurship
[08:55]: Starting GeekPack
[16:57]: Making profit as a purpose-driven business
[22:19]: How community drives their mission
[26:50]: Building a team that believes
[30:40]: Taking care of yourself as the entrepreneur
[36:30]: The key to building a business that makes an impact

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