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Protect Your Online Service Provider Business – Legally

Marisa VanSkiver / February 7, 2023

Mairin of Solivagant Legal in Havana, Cuba

Even if you’re a solopreneur now, do you have a goal to grow and scale your business? You’ve got to protect that business!

I’m not sure entirely who I can credit for my legal carefulness as I started my first business a few years ago. It was honestly probably my accountant mom who knew enough to help me protect myself.

Plus, as I’ve built websites over the years and new privacy laws have gone into effect across the globe, I knew that I wanted to protect my clients’ and their websites.

After all, what’s worse than building a website that literally puts someone at risk?

(Building one on Wix. That’s it. LOLOLOL)

What Legal Foundation Does Your Business Need?

In this week’s episode of the Captain Coder Podcast, I talk with Mairin of Solivagant Legal. An expert in crafting the right contracts for online businesses (and their websites), Mairin is not your typical attorney.

A digital nomad who loves to travel (which we talk about in this episode), she’s truly living the type of business she helps her customers create.

Throughout this episode, we cover:
[5:34] Mairin’s own journey to finding what worked best for her in her career (hint, it’s not in an attorney’s office!)
[11:12] How she helps online businesses protect their businesses
[16:10] Setting clear boundaries and guidelines for your clients (and a client she helped make more $$)
[20:45] Getting that legal protection without breaking the bank
[34:05] Protecting your business on social media platforms
[44:14] Setting payment terms to make sure you get paid
[46:46] Protecting your clients’ information
[53:16] Having the right legal policies for your website
[58:26] When you should trademark your brand (hint, it’s soon!)

Learn more about Mairin by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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