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The Social Media Marketing Strategies that Work with Ask Ania Media

Marisa VanSkiver / October 31, 2023

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Can you still get good results with organic social media?

That’s the big question that Ania and I are discussing in this wide-ranging episode.

You know that I fully believe that social media shouldn’t be your entire marketing strategy, but it is an important part of of a bigger online strategy. Growing your audience and your business through social media can feel almost impossible in today’s reality, though.

That’s why I’m diving in with Ania, of Ask Ania Media, to discuss the social media strategies that are working for her business and her clients.

Get Social Media Results Organically

No ad budgets needed here! If you want to get the most out of your time on Instagram, this episode is perfect for you.

We’re Gonna Dive Into:

[05:07]: The importance of organic traffic and storytelling
[06:11]: What the algorithm really wants from you
[08:11]: The role of emotion in a world of AI
[11:12] The mix of content your audience wants
[13:34]: How to stop their scroll
[17:28]: How to use calls to action
[23:40]: How to drive traffic to your website and landing pages
[34:02]: The power of stories

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