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Solidifying Your Entrepreneurial Vision with Liz Wolfe

Episode # 086 / Marisa VanSkiver / March 6, 2024

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Have you been asking yourself whether or not you’re cut out for entrepreneurship? Fun fact – everyone is cut out for it – if they want to be.

I know that choosing to run your own business is not the easiest decision. Honestly, I think being a small business owner is one of the hardest things any of us could choose to do. But if you have a solid vision for your business and what entrepreneurship will look like to you, it becomes a whole lot easier.

No, that magic day will never come when you magically have more time, but you can do a lot to make this whole journey a lot easier.

Set Your Vision

In this episode, Liz Wolfe and I are unpacking everything you need to keep in mind when you’re running your new business.

From what many entrepreneurs get wrong when they start (stop asking all your friends for advice!) to how to stop managing your time and start managing your priorities.

Let’s learn how to set our GPS and uncover what your destination is.

Liz will teach you:

  • Her own unusual journey into entrepreneurship
  • What most new entrepreneurs get wrong
  • The four entrepreneur personality types
  • Where new entrepreneurs should start
  • Liz’s system for new entrepreneurs
  • Why visioning works
  • How to start on your own

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