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Stop Excluding Customers from Your Content

Marisa VanSkiver / July 12, 2022

Shauna Malia Ikahihifo headshot

By not making your online content accessible, you’re excluding 25% of the population in the U.S. alone.⁠

Today’s episode of The Captain Coder podcast is a special episode (remember those special episodes of Full House or Saved by the Bell? Kind of like that).

I talk with Shauna, one of my best friends from college, on to talk about her journey with the disability community and how she’s learned how important it is to make the Internet accessible. ⁠

Accessibility Helps Everyone

Digital accessibility is not just to help that 25% of the population either. Practicing good accessibility makes things better for everybody.

The more you are aware of what is available and the more conscious you are of accessibility can also improve your own experience on the internet and the way that you interact with the world.

Throughout the episode we discuss:

  • 03:12 – Shauna’s own disabilities and discoveries of a world not inclined to include her
  • 22:48 – Disability pride month and its history and what it means
  • 40:43 – The importance of equal internet access to the disabled community
  • 48:31 – Ways to be more accessible and inclusive with your online content

Fair warning – this is a longer episode. But I promise you, if you tune in, you’re going to be moved, you may tear up a little, and you’re definitely going to learn exactly what you’re doing that can be excluding an entire community and why it matters that we don’t do that anymore.⁠

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