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Supercharging Your Performance with AI

Marisa VanSkiver / April 25, 2023

Using AI to Save Time

You’ve probably heard a ton in the last few weeks about how you can do much more with Artificial Intelligence tools. But it’s not just about Chat GPT folks!

While there are some real fears about how AI might affect our jobs (and even replace some) in the future, I think the real test is going to be those of us who learn to use it and leverage it to our advantage.

Plus, as someone who runs their own business and never has enough time on your hands, there are lots of AI solutions that can help you do more with less, and even save money as you go.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how you can automate repetitive tasks, get paid, create content, get in the media, and help even make managing your calendar a whole lot easier.

Fun fact: you might even be using some of these AI tools already.

Saving Time with AI

As a service-based business owner, you already wear too many hats throughout the day. You’re responsible for managing client relationships, keeping up with industry trends, and, of course, delivering exceptional service for your clients.

With so much on your plate, it can be challenging to find the time to focus on growing your business and achieving your long-term goals.

That’s where AI can be a huge help. By automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time insights, and streamlining your workflows, AI technology can give you back literal hours in your day.

How can you look at incorporating AI into your own business?

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Do you use a project management system at all?

Even if you’re not managing huge projects for clients, it can be a giant benefit to making your life easier. Internally at Captain Coder, we use ClickUp to manage all of our various tasks and big projects.

Not only does this mean we have a clean process, but it also helps us to automate the assignment of repetitive tasks. This means if something has to be done on a regular basis, we don’t forget when that next due date rolls around.

Work with Google Analytics or other software where you need to grab reports? You can automate that! You can even make customer support easier through chatbots, depending on what you need, so common questions no longer eat up a significant amount of your day.

Managing Your Calendar

Speaking of streamlining customer support, is there anything worse than playing phone tag with someone you really need to talk to?

Or worse, I call it “I’m available on these 3 times” and they’re not at all, but they’re “available at these 3 times” and then repeat until you die?

Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but the point is that you can waste a lot of your time and your customers’ time by going back and forth just trying to schedule a call on your busy days.

Instead, invest in a calendar booking system like Calendly or within your CRM like Honeybook and let the AI do the work. You set the days and times you’re available, it connects to your full calendar, and it only offers times that will actually work for you.

Now they just have to go choose a time that works for them and BAM! you’ve got your next meeting scheduled.

This has saved me so much time over the last couple of years that it’s not even funny.

Automated Invoicing and Billing

As a service-based business, you probably have a few people that work with you on a recurring monthly basis.

Sending that same invoice over and over again can be mentally draining and honestly just annoying.

Worst yet, you can quite literally forget to send those invoices on time. Yup, done that.

Instead, use an AI-powered tool for automated invoicing and billing. And this doesn’t have to be complex either. If you use Quickbooks Online or a CRM to control your books, they probably have the tools already built in.

Not only do your customers get their invoices on time, you also get paid on time. It can even follow up on unpaid invoices without you having to do any of the work.

Getting Press for Your Business

Yes, we just talked about this last week but it’s worth a mention. There are powerful AI tools entering the market thanks to some recent breakthroughs, and Press Jockey is a pretty incredible one.

Using AI, you can find the press requests that match your own expertise and even use their AI assistant Jaime to write the right responses that will get you contacts.

If you want to dive into getting more media coverage for your business and using AI to do so, listen to last week’s episode.

Creating Content

And of course, the #1 thing people have been talking about lately with AI is Chat GPT.

Writing social media captions and creating blog posts might not be your personal expertise, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

If you’re still trying to DIY a lot of your own marketing, you can save a lot of time by having Chat GPT help you brainstorm and come up with some great ideas.

Just don’t copy and paste precisely what Chat GPT provides you. Instead, use it to get you started and provide a framework from which you can work.

One trick that gets you a better prompt is to first tell it who your audience is, then ask for some topic ideas, and then ask it to expand beyond that.

And always treat it as a first draft. Everything you write and create should be in your own brand voice.

Work On Your Business Thanks to AI

If you’re tired of all the things you have to do within your business that just feel like a repetitive drag, it’s probably time to look into some AI assistance.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be crazy complicated and honestly, you might already be using some of the tips we’ve discussed within your business.

The key to choosing an AI tool is to find one that makes sense for your business and will help you save time. Not send you down a rabbit hole where you have to learn something new and overwhelming.

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to eventually spend most of your time working ON your business, not in it. Make it easier without hiring a bunch of people by using AI to make your days easier.

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