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Tackling Shiny Object Syndrome

Marisa VanSkiver / June 27, 2023

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One of the biggest traps we can fall into as business owners is to think that we need to work on that latest thing that’s grabbed our attention. Popularly called shiny object syndrome, it might just be the biggest distraction from you actually hitting your goals.

Being an entrepreneur means that we get to pursue the things that we want and we tell ourselves what to do.

The problem with that is we can often forget something else we’d planned on doing before, or we choose the new “shiny” thing to avoid the harder piece in our business that actually needs attention.

And of course, sometimes that new shiny thing just seems like a lot more fun to play with than anything else we’re currently working on.

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Shiny object syndrome can actually be one of the biggest challenges that derail your business. It can not only cause you to waste time and money, but it can lead to frustrated team members and missing out on key goals you set for yourself.

How can you tackle it and keep yourself from getting distracted?

What Actually Moves the Needle in Your Business

Tackling shiny object syndrome is a mindset shift, especially if you’re like me where you get excited about that new, fun thing you want to look at doing.

One of the best ways to keep yourself from getting distracted is to have a solid idea of what actually moves the needle in your business.

When you know what gets you leads, sales, and your dream client, you know what you need to actually focus on.

Does that mean that you never try anything new?

Of course not!

But it does mean that you’re looking at everything you’re doing in your business through the lens of whether or not it’s actually going to help you move forward.

Who Do You Work With?

A great way to examine whether or not this new shiny object is something actually worth pursuing is to ask if it aligns with what your customers want.

There’s no reason to go try to create that new online course or create that eBook if it’s something that doesn’t align with your ideal client base.

If you’ve never done this, take some time to map out who your dream client actually is. Ask yourself what they are looking for when they come to you for help and what pain points are they trying to solve.

Will this new thing actually help you serve those clients better or are you just distracting yourself with something that feels more fun to work on?

Where Do Your Sales Come From?

I personally see shiny object syndrome become an issue with business owners’ marketing. When you’re DIY-ing your marketing plans especially, it can be easy to try that next new trend or “hack” and think that this will finally be the thing that works.

The problem with that?

Not all hacks are created equal, especially for your individual business. Not all strategies make sense for what you do or for your customer.

If you find yourself wanting to try out that new trend or get sucked in by that latest online course offering, ask yourself an important question – where do my sales come from now?

You can absolutely start marketing more on Instagram or get sales from growing your email list, but you want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how you’re getting sales currently and whether or not that next thing will help you connect with your customers and find new leads.

Stop Marketing Without a Plan

Perhaps the worst mistake you can make and that allows you to get pulled off your business’s best path is to be marketing without any kind of plan.

Trying to “wing” your marketing often causes shiny object syndrome. Without an actual strategy, it’s far easier to get caught up in what sounds like fun rather than what’s actually going to help you grow your business.

Think of it as heading out on a road trip without Google Maps or some kind of GPS. You’re driving somewhere you’ve never been before. Sure, you can follow the road signs and guess, but you’ll probably end up taking some detours that make you waste gas and a lot of time. While you may eventually find your destination, you’ll do so in the most inefficient way possible.

That’s quite literally what it’s like trying to grow your business without a solid marketing plan.

Set the Right Goals

A lot of times, shiny object syndrome is caused because you don’t even know what the destination is.

It’s hard to end up in the right place when you don’t have a clear vision of what that is, after all.

The best way to tackle this is to set the right kinds of goals. Personally, I love using SMART goals.

SMART – an acronym I teach my students every semester – basically means that you’re setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

(Get it?)

Using this framework when creating your goals for the quarter or even the year will allow you to better track whether you’ve stayed on the right path, help you filter out those shiny objects, and stick to the plan you set for your business.

It will also allow you to better track whether or not the strategy you put together is working or if you need to pivot and make some adjustments.

Creating a Digital Strategy is Key

The best, most efficient way to grow your business is the opposite of letting shiny object syndrome take control of your every day.

It’s creating a roadmap for your success.

The real secret to business owners that run 6 and 7-figure businesses isn’t the latest funnel strategy.

It’s having a plan that helps them make the right decisions, market in the right places, and build their business following their goals.

Meet the Digital Strategy Intensive + Annual Strategy

Creating an annual digital strategy for your business can feel overwhelming. It’s not just because you’re not an expert in marketing, but because having someone to bounce ideas off of and have that outside, unbiased perspective can be vital to helping you make the right decisions and set the correct goals.

That’s why I’ve created my new Digital Strategy Intensive. This 2-hour workshop allows you to dive deep into your business, helping you get a fresh perspective on your business and overall goals.

Together, we’ll answer the questions that will help you to unlock what you really want to be doing and how you help your customers.

From there, we’ll put the pieces together and I’ll provide a marketing strategy with the steps you need to take in order to hit your goals – for the next 12 months.

If you’re tired of not knowing what to do next in your business, it’s time to gain some clarity and get the actual roadmap that will help you get to your correct destination.

Think of it as your GPS to your next 6 figures.

Want to learn how it works and how it can work in your business?

Head to captcoder.com/dsi to discover more.

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