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The SEO Secrets that Earn You Revenue

Marisa VanSkiver / January 17, 2024


Have you been putting SEO on the back burner because it feels like it’s too hard to mess with? Let me tell you the secret about SEO – it’s one of the easiest things you can do for your business. It just takes a little bit of time but that’s well worth the investment.

Generating consistent revenue in your business is possible when you’re investing a bit of time and energy into your SEO.

We’re debunking the myths that are holding you back from taking charge of your SEO and teaching you the SEO secrets that will bring you revenue.

Start SEO in Your Business

SEO expert Lauren Gaggioli and I are unpacking everything you need to know to start SEO with your business and the small, next best steps you need to take to make this all a reality.

In this episode you’ll learn:

[01:37]: Lauren’s background in SEO
[05:45]: How Google drives revenue through SEO
[07:39]: The biggest misunderstandings
[12:16]: The time it will take for SEO to work
[16:42]: How you can implement SEO in your business
[22:34]: How to choose keywords
[25:48]: The competition you need to understand
[28:42]: How to link everything internally
[31:48]: And the foundation you need

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