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Video Estate Agent

Custom Persona Builder

Video Estate Agent helps real estate agents learn how to close houses in an increasing digital world, teaching them to use video marketing skills to grow their business. Video Estate Agent needed a unique lead capture tool that provided value to their target audience.

video estate agent profile builder
video estate agent profile on imac

Custom Persona Builder

Video Estate Agent wanted to teach their real estate agent clients how to narrow down and learn about their target markets. They wanted to create a unique target persona for each of their leads. They also wanted this to be a way to build their email list, so wanted an email to be required to move into the persona builder itself.

How We Tackled It

Built in Gravity Forms, we required an email address to be directed to the persona builder page. From there, leads can choose from a set of avatars and answer the questions we wanted them to in order to build their personas.

At the end of the builder, they’re able to view their completed persona and download it as a PDF for printing or saving. They’re also able to go back to the beginning to create as many personas as they need to help their business.